Colleen Thomas Dance

"the beautiful and the ominous mingle in thoughtfully poetic ways" - Village Voice


Mixing humanity with virtuosity, Colleen Thomas Dance explores human connection through intricate conversations between moving bodies. The company strives to break down the divide between audience members and performers, asking viewers to see themselves within the dancers. The company draws audiences at all levels of dance expertise into discussions of how structural choreographic elements, including form, modern dance techniques, or content, can influence our understanding of the intangible pillars of human existence - from love and passion to inequality and death to honesty and risk. Colleen Thomas Dance believes wholeheartedly in the value of collaboration (both between company members and with artists in other disciplines) and is convinced the most enriching creative environments are those that actively nurture the generation of new ideas. The company embraces every opportunity to exhibit the great diversity of human experiences on stage with hope that these reflections of life will evoke empathy and trust.


Open to All Opportunities to Support our Mission

Colleen Thomas Dance is very interested in participating in artistic residencies, welcoming interaction and discourse with communities both at home and abroad. We believe in the strength found by respect and attention to a global community. We are fascinated with the perceptions of different populations as well as our engagement with the audience, artists, and communities we visit. The sharing of ideas, philosophies, aesthetics and inspirations are the catalyst for change and generation. In residency, the company provides a variety of classes, some of which include: technique, composition, improvisation, contact improvisation, repertory and yoga. Contact us to talk more about what we have to offer.

Photos ©  Alex Escalante, Gary Noel, Ian Douglas, Ernesto Mancebo, Yi-Chun Wu, Judy Stuart and Michael Discenza