Colleen Thomas Dance

"the beautiful and the ominous mingle in thoughtfully poetic ways" - Village Voice



 “….the dancers veer off balance, collect themselves
and whirl away in another direction.” 
Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

"Thomas excels in her solo Alone…. Brenna Beirne's three small suspended white tents, onto which are projected slides of a field, seem to condense the space beneath. Thomas dances most movingly on the floor—trembling, rearing up to rise, and dropping down again—as if she could hardly bear to put weight on the soles of her feet. She's a lovely, thoughtful performer." 
Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

"couples who are forced into sleek partnering upheavals and reversals and loving encounters that are both serene and feisty"
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

Performed at Danspace Project on Thursday night, Winning You With Words places three notably tall dancers — Julia Burrer, Ted Johnson and Karl Rogers — within a setting of fluffy pillows (used both for sleeping and smothering), stiff and rubbery movement...”
Gia Kourlas. The New York Times

"You should go to Zenon Dance Company’s twenty-fourth annual spring concert if for no other reason than to see Colleen Thomas’ Catching Her Tears (44°N, 93°W). Dramatic, inventive, [...] Catching Her Tears is one of the best pieces I’ve seen this year. Thomas is as adept at the tender as she is the creepy."
Lightsey Darst, St. Paul Magazine

 “…..where spare choreographic phrases, full of lunges and rotating, buckling or hinging limbs, hover nicely within Mr. Lancaster’s varied, humorous yet plaintive score, creating a happy dissonance between cool structure and warm intimacy.” 
Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

 “In this stark work of desperate, jagged intensity, dancers seem to burst into bits, stomp rhythmically in the dark and tiptoe while dumping other dancers to the floor….. In terrific duets…..their bodies layer, hook and climb into tangles of sharp angles.”
Camille Lefevre, Star Tribune

Photos ©  Alex Escalante, Gary Noel, Ian Douglas, Ernesto Mancebo, Yi-Chun Wu, Judy Stuart and Michael Discenza